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Online study opportunity - using the Pomodoro Technique

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Event description

Working in short bursts can revolutionise your study. This online workshop will give you an opportunity to get together with SpLD tutor Nicola Mawer and some other students and get something done.

We will be using the Pomodoro technique. If you have never used this technique before then it will be an ideal session for you. 

You'll need to bring a study task that you want to achieve. 

Make it manageable! 

For example, it could be:

  • to read and make notes on a text or article
  • to review your notes from a recent lecture and write them up/summarise them
  • to begin to write up a section of an assignment

Please join in good time so that you are ready to begin at 3 pm. If you've changed your mind and are not attending PLEASE cancel so that someone else can take your place!




Registration is required. There are 8 seats available.