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PGR Writing Group - Friday (online)

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Event description

"The best way to get something done is to begin!"

We all suffer from putting things off, and, whatever stage you are at with your thesis writing, we know that many of you feel this way about "writing up". So, in direct response to your feedback asking for support in making progress with your academic writing, the Doctoral College runs the Postgraduate Writing Support Group.

So, what's it all about? Developed in direct response to student concerns and comments about making progress with their writing, the group provides a "quiet space" for postgraduate students to focus and make progress with their writing. There is a facilitator throughout who starts things off and provides support during the session, but in principle, it is for students to come with a set goal for their writing and to get on with it.

A typical session consists of:

  • 15 minute presentation/exercise by the facilitator on a specific writing issue, or general chat amongst the group
  • 5 minute goal setting for the session.
  • 90 minute writing session.
  • 10 minute debrief on whether you achieved your writing goal.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Come with an idea of what your writing objectives are for each session.
  • If you like to draft your writing long hand, you need pen and paper.
  • If you like to draft using a computer, then you need to bring your own device.
  • If you do a bit of both, then bring both!
  • Computers are not provided.

Important points to note: 

  • We will start promptly so don't be late.
  • Once the silent writing session has started - 20 minutes in - please do not disturb the group. Don't worry you can leave if you want to!
  • Please do not talk during the silent session.
  • If you need a toilet break during the silent session, leave the room quietly. 



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