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Centre for Maths: Drop in Sessions

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Event description

The University of Hulls newest research group, the Centre for Maths, are offering colleagues across the institution an opportunity to drop in and raise questions about mathematical and statistical applications to enhance Research Impact.


Research into environmental modelling to support the research aims of Aura/EEI. This includes applied work by Yang and Koens alongside more fundamental research on fluids.

Work in this theme includes industrial applications of complex fluids models. Biological and environmental applications are central to CMS. Recent examples include disease and air pollution modelling, microscopic mechanic modelling of biological systems alongside fundamental modelling work underpinning carbon-capture technology.

Joint work with colleagues in computer science in artificial intelligence and data science.

Work in this theme includes computer science work in data science and machine learning alongside miscellaneous applications including credit risk modelling, measuring the readability of financial websites and forecasting work using Twitter data.

Research on industrial and business mathematics.

This includes the establishment of a Mathematics and Statistics Consultancy unit to support internal cross-disciplinary working and to facilitate work alongside local businesses. This builds upon previous industrial applications including Rolls Royce, Equinor, Bombardier and Elkem (Moore) and from the electricity industry, Fin Tech and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (Fry).

Work in this theme includes sophisticated asymptotic analysis and applied complex analysis alongside a miscellany of applied statistical techniques and stochastic differential equation modelling.


  • Use mathematics in conjunction with industry and business to provide impactful and meaningful solutions to fundamental problems in industry and society
  • Act as a conduit for inter-departmental collaboration to promote the use of applied mathematics and statistics in other disciplines
  • Pursue fundamental research in applied mathematics

The fortnightly sessions provide an informal opportunity to discuss mathematical and statistical queries with our talented new Research Colleagues.

Please do call in to Fenner 2.52 and make the most of this opportunity!