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FBLP PGR Research Culture and Community Seminar - 'including 'Your first academic publication: What to do and what not to do'

Event details

Event details

Friday, 15th October 2021
11:00 - 12:30
  FBLP - PGR Research Culture and Community Seminar Series  

Event description

Event description

Outline of the seminar - order to be confirmed


Welcome and Introductions - (5 mins)


‘Spotlight on: Your first academic publication: What to do and what not to do'  with Professor Colin Tyler, Associate Dean for Research, FBLP 

(20 mins plus Q&A 5 mins)


Publication is a major part of the doctoral process. It is required if you want to get an academic job, it helps to establish you in your research field, and it is a necessary means through which you contribute to the advance of knowledge and understanding. In this presentation, Professor Colin Tyler will:

(a) set out the REF and academic employment context that makes publication so crucial;

(b) assess the various types of publication that you should consider when you are deciding on your first public writing;

(c) warn against “predatory” publishers that often prey on doctoral students;

(d) consider how best to approach journals and publishers when submitting papers and book proposals;

(e) run through the review process that your paper/proposal will undergo;

(f) advise on how to respond to reviewers’ comments; and

(g) how to deal with failure – and success.

Professor Tyler’s talk will draw on his experience of publishing more than 70 books, articles and chapters over the past 25 years, as well as editing many journals and special issues, and reviewing innumerable prospective articles and book proposals.


PGR-led Discussion - (mins to be confirmed)

PGRs, please take this opportunity to raise any topic at all. 


‘PGR Presents: Speaker to be confirmed (plus Q&A 5-10 mins)


'Any other business’


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