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FOSE PGR Research Culture and Community Seminar 8

Event details

Event details

Tuesday, 15th June 2021
13:00 - 14:30
  FOSE - PGR Research Culture and Community Seminar Series  

Event description

Event description

Outline of the seminar

1. 1pm - 'Welcome and Introductions' (5 mins)


2. 1.05pm - 'Perspectives from a Post Doctoral Research Associate on: Research, funding applications, and knowledge exchange: A Post-PhD Journey’, (15-20 mins plus Q&A 5-10 mins).

With Dr Agota Mockute, Post Doctoral Research Associate, Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull.

The PhD is a thrilling journey, at the end of which lies a roundabout of choices what to do next. Dr Agota Mockute will share her adventures during the transition from a technical PhD on wave loading on offshore wind turbines, to the unknown fields of knowledge exchange and commercialisation. Expect a story of twists and turns through countless funding applications, fatigue from the still…not…finished…papers and exciting unexpected projects, and a constant chase for that little bit more of funding to extend the contract for a few more months as Agota tries to find her career path post her PhD. Spoiler alert – there’s a happy ending.


3. 1.30pm - 'Spotlight on: The Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission, An Introduction to Aura and the Aura Innovation Centre’, (15-20 mins plus Q&A 5 mins).

With Sarah Clark, Operations Manager, Aura Innovation Centre.

Sarah will provide us with an introduction to the work of the Climate Commission and the key roles and contributions of Aura and the Aura Innovation Centre.  


4. 2pm - 'Perspectives from Professor Dan Parsons’

Director of Energy and Environment Research Institute, University of Hull, (20 mins plus Q&A 5 mins).

Dan is one of our most high-profile academics and is sure to provide us with an inspiring and interesting talk!

As the Director of the Energy and Environment Institute, Dan has gathered together a multidisciplinary team of over 80 researchers, has a portfolio of active research grants and projects of over £21M, and hosts two taught MSc programmes as well as being home to the EPSRC-NERC Aura Centre for Doctoral Training in Offshore Wind and Environment.

Professor Parsons is an active researcher in areas related to fluvial, estuarine, coastal and deep marine sedimentary environments, exploring responses of these systems to climate and environmental change, for example understanding how evolving flood risk on large mega-deltas can impact populations and related regional and global food security - through to understanding the impact of plastics, particularly in coastal and marine environments.


5. 'Any other business / future seminar topics'


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Sarah Clark - Biography

As Aura Operations Manager at the University of Hull, Sarah runs the Aura Innovation Centre, supporting the development of the low carbon SME supply chain, providing access to innovation support, enabling collaboration and knowledge exchange. Sarah is a project management professional and former business owner with over 25 years’ experience managing complex publicly funded programmes in support of businesses.




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