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FOSE PGR Research Culture and Community Seminar 3

Event details

Event details

Tuesday, 19th January 2021
14:00 - 15:30
  FOSE - PGR Research Culture and Community Seminar Series  

Event description

Event description

Outline of the session


1. Welcome and Introductions  (5 - 10 minutes)

Dr Sharif Zein, Reader in Biorefinery Processes and Reaction Engineering, Director of Postgraduate Research in the Department of Chemical Engineering, in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Dr Zein will introduce our speakers. He is also our main PGR speaker’s second supervisor. 


2.   PGR Presents: ‘Improving biomass waste to generate low carbon energy’

(25 minutes plus 5 - 10 minutes for questions).

Hassan AlabdrabalameerPhD Researcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Hassan will talk about his research and will also spend some time talking about how he decided on his PhD topic, his experience, his motivations and what he plans to do next.

Abstract: 'In the race to reverse global warming damage and eliminate the use of fossil-based fuels, lignocellulosic biomass derived wastes such as straws are an attractive new type of solid fuel for alternative approach to produce low carbon energy. However, this form of lignocellulosic waste is considered problematic due to its inherently high alkali and alkaline earth metal (e.g. Na, K, Ca and Mg) content. On the other hand, A low cost and efficient method of removing problematic inorganic components from the feedstock is via leaching (water washing). Leaching straws lead to a sustainable energy production, this means that straws can be considered as an alternative solid fuel.

There will be time afterwards for open discussion/questions.


3.   Perspectives on:   (20 minutes plus 5 -10 minutes questions)

Dr Vicky Skoulou, Director of Research for Chemical Engineering, Principal Investigator of the B3 Biomass Waste –Bioenergy - Biochars Challenge Group, and Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Chemical Engineering and Bioenergy

Dr Skoulou is Hassan’s principal supervisor and has agreed to talk to us about the context of Hassan’s research within the work of their research group, how important it is in supporting the University’s environmental and sustainability research agenda and contributing to this important global challenge. 

Dr Skoulou will also talk about some of the skills our researchers need to develop, what the potential opportunities there are in this field of research, how to get the most out of being in a research group, and considerations for progressing onto a Postdoctoral position. 


4. “How COVID is affecting me” (15 - 20 mins)

This part of the seminar is intended to provide an opportunity for our PGRs to share:

  • How they are doing.
  • How their research is going in the current circumstances. 
  • What approaches they are using that are particularly helpful from a personal and professional perspective.
  • What they can do to help each other.
  • Any other arising issues.


5.   Any other business

If you have a specific question you would like to raise, click here to send it to the FOSE PGR Admin Team. 


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If you have any general questions about the seminar programme please contact Jackie McAndrew at the Doctoral College in the first instance on jackie.mcandrew@hull.ac.uk



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