Event title:

FOSE PGR Research Culture and Community Seminar 2

Event details

Event details

Tuesday, 1st December 2020
13:00 - 14:00
  FOSE - PGR Research Culture and Community Seminar Series  

Event description

Event description

Running order for the seminar                 

1.   Welcome


2.   'Faculty Focus' - 5- 10 mins

Research update on what’s happening with research activity in the faculty by Professor Graham Ferrier, Head of Department for Geography, Geology and Environment.  


3.   'Talk to us' - 5-10 mins

PGRs can raise group/individual issues, discussions around health and wellbeing and any other issues.  Email them to us in advance if you like! 


 4.  'Perspectives on': 'Geopolitics of city-regionalism' - 30 mins 

With Dr Andy Jonas, Professor of Human Geography, Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Hull. 

Abstract: 'England’s city-regions, such as Liverpool and Greater Manchester, are very much in the news at the moment in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet for many the city-region is an abstract concept seemingly far removed from everyday urban experience. This seminar examines the origins of the city-region concept and how it has been put to work by national governments in different countries. I argue that city-regionalism is not just an administrative tool, which is used by national governments to manage domestic political problems and tensions. It is also becoming a geopolitical instrument deployed by nation-states to enhance international competitiveness'.


5.   Question and Answer Session - 15 mins

With Professor Jonas and FOSE colleagues. 

If you have a specific question you would like to raise, click here to send it to the FOSE PGR Admin Team. 


Any Questions?

If you have any general questions about the seminar programme please contact Jackie McAndrew at the Doctoral College in the first instance on jackie.mcandrew@hull.ac.uk


Target audience

Whilst this seminar may be of particular interest to PGRs from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, it may also be of interest to postgraduate researchers from all faculties from an inter/cross/multi-disciplinary and general interest perspective.  



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