Event title:

PGR Christmas Writing Group Retreat Day 4

Event details

Event details

Thursday, December 20, 2018
9:00 - 17:00
Esk Computer Room
Hull Campus
  PGR Writing Group Retreat  

Event description

Event description

PGR Christmas Writing Retreat Day 4

Esk Computer Lab 3


Arrive and set up


Welcome and Topic 1: Monitoring Writing Progress


Writing Session 1: Thesis Writing


Refreshment Break


Writing Warm Up and Objective Setting


Writing Session 2: Thesis Writing




Writing Warm Up and Objective Setting


Writing Session 3: Thesis Writing


Reflections and Close

For further information please contact Jackie McAndrew, PGR Experience Specialist, jackie.mcandrew@hull.ac.uk or Janine Hatter, PGTS Manager, j.hatter@hull.ac.uk both at The Graduate School.   



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The Skills Development and Social Forum will also provide regular opportunities for socialising with other postgraduate students, facilitating collaboration with peers across the disciplines and subjects in a supportive and friendly environment. The forum will:

  • Enable students to feel part of a welcoming Postgraduate Researcher community.
  • Provide students the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others including professionals from within and outside the University, post doctoral researchers, experienced academics, and "senior" PhD students from the University.
  • Provide a range of development opportunities for PhD students to share their experience with other PhD students, and to develop a range of general skills including: presentation, public speaking, public engagement, teamwork, leadership and group work.  
  • Enable students to positively influence a wide range of support services and facilities.  

These sessions cover topics that have been requested by students. 

They are in addition to the formal sessions offered by various teams within the University. 

They cover topics that students would like a little more information on, a short useful summary or sign-posting session if you like, or an opportunity to hear about somebody else's research journey.  

The sessions are not compulsory, it is your choice to attend. They are centrally organised by the Graduate School, 

Please note these sessions are not intended to replace:

  1. Any of the modules offered as part of the PGTS (Post Graduate Training Scheme).  You should still attend the sessions that your department recommends for you or that are compulsory as part of your particular study route.
  2. Any formal skills sessions that your individual school or faculty runs for PhD/PGR students.
  3. The Skills Development Workshops for Postgraduate Students offered by the Library Skills Team.
  4. Formal CPD sessions for the professional development of University staff that are organised by the Staff Development Team or Learning Enhancement and Academic Practice (LEAP).