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Professor Ann Thayer - Preaching and Print

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Thursday, July 5, 2018
14:00 - 17:00
BJL 7th Floor
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From the medieval church into the various streams of the Reformation, there was a palpable desire for more and better preaching. The sermons of renowned preachers circulated as models for others to use outright, mine for material, and build upon. Such sermons frequently appeared in print from 1470 forward in response to the growing market of preachers and pious readers. Bibles with notes, stories from the lives of saints, and doctrinal summaries were also frequently published. This lecture will present key facets of model sermon collections and other preaching resources, including authors, styles and formats,as they moved from manuscript into print, from the late Middle Ages into the Early Modern period. The notes left by Dr. Thomas Swalwell OSB (d. 1539) in the margins of some of his books will illustrate how one preacher used the printed resources available to him.


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