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Culture Cafe - 'Hull's Medieval Lives'

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Saturday, October 28, 2017
11:00 - 13:00
Wilberforce LT2
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Culture Café - Hull: Culture, History, Place

A series of talks celebrating the new University of Hull book written for the City of Culture year and published by the Liverpool University Press. The book is a celebration of this unique city's past and present. Telling the story of Hull from the earliest settlement on the muddy banks of the river, through civil war rebellion, maritime success and the trauma of the Second World War to post-war resilience and recovery, this book shows how and why Hull has been a place of significance and success over many centuries.

Title: Hull’s Medieval Lives 

Speaker: Professor Elisabeth Salter, Professor of Medieval Studies and Cultural Creativity at the University of Hull.

Date: Saturday 28/10/2017

Venue: Wilberforce Building, Lecture Theatre 2, University of Hull

Time: 11am – 1pm


The snippets of evidence we have about MEDIEVAL people’s lives significantly augments our knowledge of a medieval place and its people. Hull’s medieval people had culturally vibrant lives. They were engaged in developing their city through new building projects, renovation of homes, commercial properties and civic buildings, and construction and repair of roads and causeways. This gives us a clear sense of the civic pride of the medieval people of Hull, a feature which is also often manifested through the care and attention they lavished on the religious buildings of the city. Religion was a key element in people’s cultural and social lives, and medieval Christianity was a vehicle for the expression of individual ideas and creativity, as well as being a set of beliefs and values imposed from above. The people of Hull also had interests and loyalties outside of the city, perhaps a connection with the villages and towns in the surrounding area and across the Humber, and other places in the UK. Hull’s medieval people were also connected to the world, often because of their occupations. The merchants of Hull were sailing out to Northern and Southern Europe. People were settling in Hull from a wide range of countries including the Netherlands and Iceland. Looking at the lives of some of these medieval men and women gives us insights into the experiences of our ancestors.

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