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WEBINAR: Writing Critically

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Monday, June 19, 2017
14:00 - 15:30
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Event description

PLEASE NOTE: this is a webinar (online workshop) and not a face-to-face workshop. Shortly after registering for the event you will receive an email with a link and further instructions on how to join the webinar.

This webinar will introduce postgraduate students to some of the key points to consider when writing critically. The webinar will review what it means to be critical when writing, and then go on to explore the development of consistent arguments and the use of evidence. It will also provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions they may have about their own critical writing.

This webinar will introduce you to:

  • The components of an argument.
  • Developing consistent arguments.
  • Describing evidence.
  • Structuring an argument.

Shortly after registering you will also be added to the Writing Critically Canvas module. Please take a look at the resources available in the module. The video links address topics that we will cover in the workshop, and the reading list suggests material to support writing critically for postgraduate students.

Who is this webinar for?

This class will give an introduction to the core elements of critical writing at Levels 7 and 8. It is ideally for students who are unable to access our face-to-face workshops, such as distance or part-time students, but all are welcome.

This webinar is run by a Library Skills Adviser. 


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