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Reading Group - 'Matilda (1988), Roald Dahl'

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Saturday, April 14, 2018
14:00 - 16:00
BJL Teaching Room 2 - Ground Floor
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Matilda (1988), Roald Dahl.

Saturday 7 April 2018

Brynmor Jones Library, Teaching Room 2

2pm – 4pm

Speaker: Professor Valerie Sanders, School of Arts, University of Hull.  

A true childhood classic – now a hit musical – Roald Dahl’s Matilda reflects everything we love about him and his fiction. I’m sure many of us can relate to a story of a smart child who loves to read! Professor Valerie Sanders, a respected authority on children’s literature, has kindly agreed to host this session and share some of the information and discussion of the book usually reserved for her students. Dahl’s work often combines serious situations with silly themes and Matilda is not exception – it really takes the cake! 

Free Admission - All welcome – Booking is required.  

Jackie McAndrew, Email: opencampus@hull.ac.uk

Telephone: 01482 466585



If you like reading and enjoy discussing books with other people, then this is the group for you. Sessions take place on campus within the fabulous Brynmor Jones Library where there is a Café and the fantastic University of Hull Art Collection.    

The sessions are facilitated by either an English or Creative Writing PhD student, a post-doctoral researcher, a member of  staff or a guest host from our regular OpenCampus attendees.  You don’t need to have been before but it does help if you have a love of literature and you like the idea of meeting with a friendly group of similarly minded people.  Oh yes - it does help to have read the book too!

It’s also a great opportunity to give our PhD students (or 'emerging thinkers' as we like to see them)  the opportunity develop their public engagement, facilitation and teaching skills!  It really is a winning initiative all ways round.  

Broad Aims of the Group

The broad aims of this reading group are to:

  • Provide an open platform for the discussion of literature.
  • Encourage an interest in a range of genres.
  • Provide the opportunity to open up the dialogue with members of the public encouraging interesting, topical, and informative discussion. 
  • Provide our 'emerging thinkers' the chance to develop their public engagement, facilitation and teaching skills!

All the books should be available to buy cheaply on-line for a minimal amount if you can’t find your old school copy!

Anyone can come along, no prior experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm for the subject.

How will it work?
  • All attendees should read the novel in advance of the session.
  • Each session would be led by one of our PhD/Postgraduate Research  students/guest speakers.
  • There will be a brief introduction to the text (15 - 30 minutes) which would be accompanied by a PowerPoint/hand-out as appropriate.
  • We will have a selection of questions ready to get the ball rolling as it were, and will be highlighting key themes/sections of the text of particular interest.
  • You may get the opportunity to discuss revisions and adaptations of the selected narratives to try and pinpoint the reasons behind the longevity of these texts.

Telephone: 01482 466585